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 MAKING OUR WORLD  A better place for future generations


A better place for future generations


NuSol Capacity fund was founded in 2009 by Stuart Metler and Dustin Welch. Supported by a network of friends, family and community volunteers, the NuSol team endeavors to utilize their skills and abilities to spread the benefits of renewable technologies to those who need it most.

NuSol Directors pictured with Miguel Angel Velasquez - Honorary Peruvian Consul. From left
to right: Miguel Velasquez, Dustin Welch and Stuart Metler


Stuart Metler

Director of Engineering and Installation Operations

A strong appreciation and love for the outdoors has inspired Stuart to apply himself to a career in the renewable energy sector. Through extensive experience in the design and installation of both off-grid and grid-tied wind and solar electric systems, he has gained an in depth understanding of the potential for these emerging technologies to change the way our society lives on this planet. 

NuSol Capacity Fund has provided him the opportunity to apply his understanding of renewable technologies for the betterment of others.   

Stuart holds a B.S. in Engineering Technology from Western Washington University


Dustin Welch

Director of International Relations and Communications

Inspired by his Peruvian heritage, Dustin has dedicated the latter part of his life to the exploration of the Spanish language and Latin American culture.

He has traveled widely through Central America, Mexico, Cuba, Spain, and most of South America. These travels provided him a basic understanding of these regions’ contemporary social and political climates, which has, in turn, engendered an informed and empathetic standpoint from which to approach his work in Latin America.

Dustin holds a B.A. in Spanish Language from Western Washington University and a M.A. in Latin American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

David FortenullDavid-Photo.jpg

Program Development

With a passion for improving the capacity and self-sufficiency of underserved communities, David brings his previous nonprofit work experience in both Seattle and Peru to NuSol Capacity Fund.

David holds a B.A. in International Studies, a graduate certificate in nonprofit management from Texas A&M University, and a MPA from the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington.

Josie Cabrera 


Throughout her adult life in Peru, Josie has been actively involved in various literacy outreach and cultural exchange campaigns working within the poorest, most under-resourced parts of the Andean highlands and the Amazon jungle. Additionally, she has spent the last five years working for the Lima-based Cardiovascular Healthcare Company, carrying out heart disease prevention campaigns and free cardiovascular screenings for low income residents.

Josie is currently completing her B.A. in business administration at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences.

Amanda Bloom

Amanda BloomIntern

Amanda's adoration of people, language, and the written word has encouraged her to forge a path towards a career in language preservation and cultural sustainability. 

NuSol Capacity Fund has presented Amanda with a connection to a growing, changing network of information and areas of study, as well as an important opportunity to witness the positive results of technological advancement in indigenous communities formerly out of her reach. 

Amanda is an Honors graduate of Whatcom Community College, and will continue a degree in linguistics, spanish, and teaching at Western Washington University.

Peru FlagPeru 2010

The Peru Solar 2010 project was a huge success! For project details and pictures, click below.