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 MAKING OUR WORLD  A better place for future generations


A better place for future generations

Capacity Building via Electrification

Capacity building is the process by which individuals, groups, and societies enhance their ability to identify and address development challenges. NuSol endeavors to assist those communities which have identified the lack of stable and consistent power as a road block to desired social and economic development.

By engaging in capacity building as opposed to well-intentioned handouts, NuSol Capacity Fund empowers people with the  tools to better their lives via their own actions. Selected community members will learn to install, commission and maintain photovoltaic (solar) and wind turbine systems. In turn, these individuals will train others, ensuring both long-term system operation and continued expansion of the group’s skill set.

It is our belief that access to renewable electricity is directly related to achieving social, economic and environmental development goals in a sustainable way. The availability of electricity supports basic needs such as lighting and TV/radio communication for educational and social purposes. It aids in agricultural production and allows for increased work hours. It provides power for emergency services and refrigeration for vaccines.

Additionally, studies strongly indicate that essential indicators of human development including infant mortality, illiteracy and life expectancy are positively affected by the availability of energy services. Although access to electricity alone will not jumpstart a community's ascent up the ladder of development, it has been observed that when included in an integrated development strategy, modern energy services stimulate positive economic and social change.

Peru FlagPeru 2010

The Peru Solar 2010 project was a huge success! For project details and pictures, click below.