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Selva Alegre, Peru

In April of 2012, NuSol Capacity Fund completed the pilot installation of the NuSol Central Charging Station (CCS) in the remote Peruvian community of Selva Alegre. Building on the success of previous efforts in Peru, this project was implemented through a bottom-up approach, focusing heavily on community engagement and development of local capacities.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Situated on the banks of the Huallaga River in the Amazon jungle, Selva Alegre is home to nearly 200 people. The citizens of Selva Alegre currently live in conditions that fall far short of several of the Millennium Development goals established by the United Nations. The average citizen lives on less than $1 USD a day with no access to electricity or reliable lighting and limited access to clean water and adequate medical services.  Through the provision of an off-grid, solar-electric power station, NuSol has empowered the people of Selva Alegre with a critical tool with which to improve their quality of life.

  capacity building workshops

The NuSol Central Charging Station (CCS) addresses the community’s needs in two ways. First, via the creation of a solar powered AC micro-grid, Selva Alegre’s three schools, community center and medical post have access to reliable, clean electricity. Additionally, rechargeable LED lanterns were distributed to the community’s families allowing for light in every home.

NuSol Central Charging Station    Noker black diamond Gizmo     NuSol Central Charging Station

To ensure the long term sustainability of the system, five community-elected technicians were trained to oversee the management and operation of the NuSol CCS. Furthermore, community training workshops were conducted to educate the people of Selva Alegre on solar energy basics, conservation, and other important concepts.

NuSol looks forward to monitoring and evaluating the performance of this installation over the coming years and applying those lessons to future projects in the region.

NuSol Central Charging Station    NuSol Light

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