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Nueva Unión

Solar installation 2010

Nueva Unión, Peru

Project Summary

NuSol Capacity Fund has successfully installed a 2.6 kW solar power generating system in the Peruvian community of Nueva Unión.  This system will provide light and power to the town's elementary school, medical post, communal house and town plaza. Additionally, a central charging station was installed which was designed specifically for the daily re-charging of the 70 LED lanterns that were distributed to the towns citizens.

We accomplished this with logistical support from our in-country partners, Cáritas of Huari and the Provincial Municipality of Huacaybamba, and the hard work of the residents of Nueva Unión. The NuSol team also facilitated capacity building workshops to train local residents on the operation and maintenance of the solar power system, the use and care of the rechargeable LED lanterns, and monthly household contributions for the sustainability of the system over time.

Now that the installation phase is complete, our efforts will turn to monitoring and evaluating the project in the coming months. This will entail conducting on-the-ground interviews and surveys with the residents of Nueva Unión to assess the socioeconomic impacts of electrification. The lessons learned will then be incorporated into future endeavors.

In addition to visiting Nueva Unión to evaluate this past project, NuSol will soon be implementing a similar project in 2011. Bringing light and power to these remote corners of the world is only possible through the generous collaboration of our community of friends, colleagues and supporters. If you feel as passionate as we do about empowering others with tools to sustainably improve quality of life through renewable energies, please make a Donation today!