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NuSol Capacity Fund

Bringing light and power to the remote corners of our world

Second Evaluation of Nueva Unión Project

Posted: Sep 25th, 2012    |    « Back To Blog

NuSol would like to share some exciting news on the project evaluation front:  We have recently coordinated a second monitoring and evaluation effort of our 2010 project in the Andean village of Nueva Unión!

Andrés on earthen bridge Niños en la plaza

On behalf of NuSol, Andrés Sifuentes, an Anthropology student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, has completed an independent evaluation of NuSol’s solar installation in the community of Nueva Unión. Consistent with our dedication to project sustainability and to incorporate best practices into the design of future projects, Andrés has recently finished a three-week stay in the community, conducting one-on-one interviews about the effects of our project at the household level. We will be collaborating with him over the next few months to analyze his evaluation findings and publish a final report.

18 months in...Solar array Looking up at solar array

However, in advance of the release of the official evaluation - based on preliminary villager reports - NuSol is pleased to say that 18 months after installation, the NuSol Central Charging Station consistently provides energy to meet their daily demands and continues to play a predominant role in satisfying villagers’ lighting needs. 

Keep an eye out for the full report to be released in late fall / early winter...


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