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Upcoming Peruvian Collaborations

Posted: Aug 15th, 2012    |    Categories: Project Updates    |    « Back To Blog

Happy summer to all the NuSol supporters out there!

NuSol is thrilled to announce its upcoming project collaboration with Fondesurco, Peru’s largest nonprofit microfinance institution, to bring solar energy to rural families via NuSol’s Central Charging Station (CCS). Fondesurco’s mission is to provide access to financial services to lower income people in rural areas to help improve their quality of life, and for that purpose Fondesurco acts as a regulated financial institution. Click HERE to see their institutional video (en español). 

Fondesurco Logo Cropped Fondesurco Team

In early 2013, NuSol and Fundesurco will be conducting two pilot CCS installations within the southern Peruvian Region of Arequipa. NuSol is currently coordinating with Fondesurco to evaluate identified communities for project partnership. Upon final community selection, Fondesurco will provide microloans to villagers that will help cover the cost of the CCS installation and more importantly, allow villagers to become stakeholders in the projects' success.

Fondesurco Handshake Fondesurco Family  

Fondesurco’s program officers and the NuSol installation team will also be working closely with villagers in order to help them leverage the electricity provided by the NuSol Central Charging Station. The primary goals of these activities will be to increase the villagers’ economic production and improve the capability local infrastructure such as schools, medical posts and public lighting systems.

Fondesurco Two Pic Fondesurco Tri Pic

Eight months after completion of the pilot installations of the NuSol Central Charging Station, Fondesurco and NuSol will conduct evaluations to assess the projects’ impact on partnering communities. If the projects meet the established criteria for success, then the pilot project model will be taken to scale throughout all the regions that Fondesurco operates, potentially bringing energy to thousands more rural Peruvian families!

(Above photos from Fondesurco's website:

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