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Success in the Andes Mountains of Peru

Posted: Feb 9th, 2011    |    Categories: Project Updates    |    « Back To Blog

NuSol has emerged from the Andes Mountains successful! The Peru Solar 2010 project is complete and the remote Peruvian village of Nueva Union now has access to clean, reliable solar electricity.

nullCompressed-Picture-424_2.jpg        nullCompressed-Picture-363_2.jpg                  Nueva Union citizens shown with solar array. Power station and system controls.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                As requested by the residents of Nueva Union, the 2640 watt solar electric system extended electricity to the local school, clinic, and community center. The school will utilize the power for lighting, computers, projectors and other teaching aids. The clinic now has light for medical procedures and examinations as well as power for specialized medical equipment. In addition to interior and exterior lighting, the community center now boasts a 30 outlet charging station. This will provide Nueva Union with the means to recharge the LED Lanterns that were distributed to each of the community's 72 families.

nullCompressed-Picture-183.jpg       nullcompressed-Picture-370.jpg                                        Porters preparing equipment and materials for transport. Resident in front of charging station.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                In keeping with NuSol’s operational philosophy, the community was heavily involved in all stages of the installation process. Paramount among their contributions was the herculean effort to transport over 4 thousand pounds of equipment from the trailhead to the community via a rugged footpath climbing several thousand feet deep into the Andes Mountains.   

 It is our hope that this project will influence many positive changes among the community of Nueva Union. As such, Nusol will be returning in several months to conduct a performance evaluation measuring the projects successes and failures. This information will be used to shape future NuSol projects and programs in Nueva Union and beyond.

For more information about Peru Solar 2010, please visit our project page.

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