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Peru Solar 2010 Fast Approaches

Posted: Oct 29th, 2010    |    Categories: Project Updates    |    Read Article

  "To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time." - Leonard Bernstein

   "All great achievements require time." - Maya Angelou

Who is right? The coming months will tell. The members and supporters of NuSol Capacity Fund have no choice but to subscribe to Leonard Bernstein's point of view. For although we have a solid plan, little time remains to bring it to fruition. Our confidence however has been buoyed by a series of major accomplishments and a number of key additions to the NuSol team.

Tangible Progress

Posted: Apr 19th, 2010    |    Categories: Project Updates    |    Read Article

For NuSol Capacity Fund, last week was rich with success. In Peru, the extensive search for a partnering community came to a conclusion via a unanimous vote by the citizens of Nueva Unión to accept NuSol’s 2010 project offering. Stateside, NuSol formalized its relationship with WAACO (Washington Attorneys Assisting Community Organizations), allowing for continued progress towards the completion of required operational formalities.

One step backwards, two steps forward

Posted: Mar 1st, 2010    |    Categories: Project Updates    |    Read Article

As is the case with any complex endeavor, one anticipates and comes to expect the existence of adversity and unforeseen challenges. Last week, NuSol's Peru Solar 2010 project received it's first piece of discouraging news - the District of Shupluy, previously the location of our proposed...

On the Ground in Peru

Posted: Feb 1st, 2010    |    Categories: Project Updates    |    Read Article

NuSol Capacity Fund is finally on the ground in Peru! We have held our first collaborative meeting with Cáritas, ( an international development organization that has more than 50 years experience in the country. Due to the complexities of working oversees.....